performance : [9]

[ Transformations occur when we take and give space and time ]
An object in a constant conversion process shifts between defined and undefined forms, generating visible traces that point to a process of transformation. Nothing new occurs until the necessary endings take place. Endings that serve the purposes of a new beginning.

Within a transitional realm, the project offers a multidisciplinary approach and focuses on how space, object, sound & movement collaborate in order to create conditions for the formation of new realities.

Creation & Performance : Myrto Petrochilou
Friendly eyes and support: Griselda Junca, Alicia Trueba, Efi Dimou, Viki Barboka, Aggeliki Tsakiri

Light design: Stevi Koutsothanasi / Myrto Petrochilou

Early stage sound creation: Daphne Tsiouni 
Early stage mentoring: Antony Mathu

Shortlisted circusnext 2020-2021. Project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union